We comprehend where [John Clarke Mills] is coming from when he states he wants a house movie theater however not at the cost of dedicating a space to it. His circumstance is a bit a lot more sticky than a lot of people in that he has a beautifully kept Victorian age home. just recently he was eliminating a restoration from ages past that didn’t in shape with the style as well as it provided him the chance to develop in this hidden projector screen.

Years back somebody walled in this opening as well as added french doors. After opening up the wall [John] sized up the circumstance as well as made a decision he had just sufficient space to develop a soffit which might hide a rolled up projection surface. He bought a motorized screen (we’ve seen a few diy projection screens however can’t keep in mind one that rolls up) as well as developed a slot into the style just big sufficient for the screen to pass through. He’s testing it out in the clip after the break before doing the plaster work.

The columns on either side are his additions as well. The floor of the home is unlevel as well as one of those columns ended up a full inch longer than the other. We certainly can’t tell.

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