utilizing nothing a lot more than an antenna, a stimulate plug, a flyback transformer, a diode, as well as a cars and truck phone charger, [Kreosan] have implemented the world’s a lot of hazardous cell-phone charger: wirelessly charging their phone from high voltage power lines. This is a presentation of a hack that we believed was just an metropolitan legend, however it’s most likely finest to leave this as just a demo — this is most likely unlawful as well as absolutely dangerous.

The charger works by holding an old TV aerial relatively close to high voltage overhead cables, as well as passing the resulting small present with a stimulate plug as well as a flyback transformer to ground. To fee the phone, they tapped the transformer, rectified it with a diode, as well as fed it into a car-plug phone charger. [Kreosan] declares to gather enough “free” electrical energy to fee the phone. (Where by “free”, we indicate stolen from the electric grid.)

If you on a regular basis discover yourself running out of fee as well as like a bit of risk why not make a power bank that appears like a bomb instead. sure we don’t encourage you take it on a airplane however it seems like a much safer choice than utilizing overhead power lines.

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