[Craig Turner] wrote in to tell us about the wireless fireworks controller he just finished building. It has eight total channels and uses the kind of safety features we like to see when working with explosives.

The image above details the launcher side of the project. The project box houses an Arduino which is powered by a 9V battery. To enable this base station the crucial lying on top of the project box need to be inserted and looked to the on position. To the left is the 12V battery which is used to supply the igniters by means of a set of eight relays. In the demo video after the break [Craig] is using nichrome wire to demonstrate, but we’ve even see projects that actually burn up resistors to light the fireworks.

The system uses RF12 wireless modules to communicate with the control panel. That also has an Arduino, along with a number pad. After switching on the power the operator need to enter a PIN code before the system will allow any of the fireworks to be launched.

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