The Narcisystem is part of an art screen where [Eric] strapped himself to as many biometric sensors as he could. The core of the system was a Funnel IO which includes an Arduino, Xbee plug, as well as LiPo charging circuit. It was collecting data from a heart rate monitor, an EEG, a breathalyzer, compass, as well as an accelerometer. This data was sent to a laptop as well as then sent to different displays. You can see the configuration working in a video after the break. The red flashes are his heart beat, the blue light is the direction he’s facing. What you can’t see is the high power bass thud every time he takes a step. The EEG data was supposed to impact the tempo of the music, however it failed as well as was dropped, as was the fog machine based on his blood alcohol level. He notes that he wished to do more, however was lacking the hardware.

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