In case you haven’t been following, Paranoid Android is back into the custom-made ROM scene. It has been back for about four months actually when the developers released a polished feature-packed version of the ROM based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. The ROM soon received a major update bumping up the version number to 7.2 and then later received a few minor updates as well. Android 8.0 Oreo is turning up the heat on custom-made ROM development. Meanwhile, the Paranoid Android team has brought another major update to the ROM. Paranoid Android 7.3.0 is still based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. It brings a new cam app, BlueBorne patch and more.

Paranoid Camera

Custom ROMs are terrific and usually, they do a lot better than the stock ROM a device was shipped with. also usually, custom-made ROMs don’t hold a candle to the stock ROM when it pertains to cam performance. Paranoid Android has always been a step ahead from other custom-made ROMs, at least,  with regard to cam performance. With the Paranoid Android 7.3.0 update, the PA team looks to additionally widen the gap. The update brings in a new cam app called Paranoid Camera, which will be the default cam app on all supported devices.

With the help of designer Espen Flagtvedt Olsen as well as developer Grarak, Paranoid cam has been redesigned from the ground up in buy to achieve a new, much a lot more friendly interface.

BlueBorne Fix

If you haven’t heard, BlueBorne is a recently discovered massive safety vulnerability that affects nearly every device with Bluetooth. It allows a person with the ideal tools and who is within Bluetooth range of your device to get control over the device without any action from the user. You can read a lot more about it here. The good news is that Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all released fixes for the same already. The bad news is that on Android, you’re probably not going to get it unless you’re running a custom-made ROM. one of the first custom-made ROMs to release the fix is Paranoid Android as already mentioned.

Paranoid Android 7.3.0 also merges the required device-specific fixes in buy to fix this safety vulnerability successfully on PA phones.

Launcher customizations

It would be safe to say a lot of users who go out all the way to install a custom-made ROM in buy to have their phone the way they want probably don’t stick to the default launcher either. and one of the best thing, if not the best thing, about custom-made launchers, is customization. Paranoid Android 7.3.0 additionally expands on the customization options used by the default PA launcher. The updated launcher features the following new additions :

Hidden app support – hide apps from the app drawer and home screen

Round icon support – use round icons for all apps supporting it

Custom icon search – search for certain icons by app

Dock color personalization – choose between default, transparent, accent or wallpaper color

Paranoid Android 7.3.0 – All new Features


New, reworked cam app (Paranoid Camera)

New Launcher features, customizations and improvements

Experimental support for simultaneous use of color Engine and Substratum

New safety patches (September 2017)

Various performance improvements

Various stability fixes and minor improvements

Global Fixes

GPS issues with Waze and other apps

Trusted Face

Possible Immersive mode force close

Bluetooth connectivity issues

Various theming issues

Data integrity issues

Multiple frameworks resource and memory leaks

Fixes for Google Nexus 5:

Fix for major power consumption in some cases

Fixes for Google Nexus 5X:

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Fixed WiFi display

Fixes for Google Nexus 6:

Merged most current September safety patch

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Fixed WiFi display

Fixes for Google Nexus 6P:

Merged most current September safety patch

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Fixes for Google Pixel / Pixel XL:

Merged most current schedule upstream changes

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Fixes for Le Eco Le pro 3:

Updated proprietary vendor files from 23S and OB20

Switched to new radio stack

Added dynamic improving support by means of QPerformance

Updated Kernel as per most current CAF’s tag

General smoothness and touch improving enhancements

Included workaround for F2FS GC which makes F2FS usable without worries again

Patched BlueBorne kernel vulnerability

Various power improvements

Miscellaneous audio fixes and tuning

Fixes for OnePlus 3/3T:

Optimized thermal setup

Major power/battery improvements

Various performance enhancements

Improvements to touch latency

Improved WI-FI connectivity

Updated and improved F2FS support

Included workaround for F2FS GC which makes F2FS usable without worries again

Ship firmware from internal 082917

Updated SRGB calibration from OnePlus

Added haptic intensity control (to be used by kernel apps)


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